Music Concierge

Music Concierge


The Music Concierge division of Train Trax Music Supervision came to life when friends would constantly ask Julia in the middle of parties and events to take over and “play DJ” with their CD collections. After all, every party needs the right music to make it click… right?  Of course, they should have thought about that before the party started! While most people have a passion for enjoying music, few have the time or energy to put together a playlist of music to carry the vibe of a party from the beginning to end.  And that’s where Music Concierge begins…


What It Is

My Music Concierge is a extremely personal and custom music service provided to individuals, corporations, restaurants/bars, or anyone hosting a party or event.  With a library of over 3,000 CD’s, unlimited access to iTunes and weekly service from major & indie record labels, we’re about as hooked into music from the past and present as you can get!  Our service takes the time to get to know the clients, their preferences, their tastes, their party or event demographics, special needs, and even preferred flow of musical energy throughout the timeline then we’ll customize a playlist for you. It’s that simple!

Here’s How It Works

We’ll meet with the client with an initial discovery and consultation to determine their exact music needs, including length of time and number of playlists. We consider every request: Need specific songs included, not a problem!  Want to mix it up a bit? That’s our specialty! Once we’ve done our due diligence, we’ll scour endless tracks and sources to find music to develop the perfect music soundtrack for you and your requirements. When your playlist is completed, we’ll send you a Spotify link, or else we can do it old school by pre-loading the entire piece of work to an iPod and delivering to you.  For businesses that have ongoing music needs, we can work with you to develop music updates and refreshed playlists as often as requested.  We’ll make this trouble free and economical! (ASCAP/BMI reporting can be handled as well.) No stress needed! Our turnaround for playlist preparation requires one week advance notice of the of the event, however rush jobs and last minute requests can be accommodated for an additional fee.


What Our Clients Are Saying 

“Julia did all the music for my Bay Area wedding a few years ago. She was very thorough and professional, but also relaxed and easy to talk to. She asked all the right questions to get a clear picture of who was coming, where each stage of the event was to take place, what mood we wanted to set and of course what our tastes in music ran to. It could not have gone better – I’m one of those people who notices music wherever I go, so even on this stressful and exhilarating day I could sense that Julia had perfectly pitched music to mood, from arrival to rowdy reception. She supplied the soundtrack to one of the best days of my life. I highly recommend her for any event you are planning.”

– Brian Alcorn, Oakland CA

“For my husband’s 40th, I threw him a party. I was so busy with invitations, hiring the caterer, and decorating the space I almost forgot about the most important part of a party – the music! I needed it to run for over 3 hours and set the right tone throughout the night. Julia’s My Music Concierge service totally came through. The music was awesome! From cocktail hour, through dinner and on into the night, the music set a perfect and changing vibe throughout the night. It made for such a great party!”

– Kimberly Vogt, Los Angeles CA